Whilst there are now methods for recycling old used tires most still make it to landfill or are burnt! That’s why I am always happy to see a waste material being used again, even if it’s not returning to the original life cycle.  Yong Ho Ji has done this through cutting tires up and creating breathtaking animal sculptures.

Whilst car tires are the major issue here in Yong Ho Ji’s case I believe they are mostly from bicycles since they appear thinner, and from personal experience car tires are very difficult to cut. Especially to such thin strips. 

I think half of the appeal of these sculptures is that due to the curvature of the tires, the sculptures look almost muscular, and a little alien or bio-mechanical. 

The other is the emotion that the artist has managed to convey. That pure primal rage shines through in the posture and placement of rubber pieces.

This artist is a great inspiration of what can be achieved with waste materials. I would really recommend checking their portfolio out.