Nowadays phones seem to be all singing, all dancing with a multitude of multimedia extras. Long gone are the days of a phone in which couldn’t send texts, receive emails or act as MP3 players and cameras.  With the Addition of apps phones have become more to us than they once were. 

However, this also means that there is more to go wrong. And for those that feel all the extras are superfluous there is very little on the market without going for an older outdated phone option. This has changed with John Doe Amsterdam’s new design the John’s Phone! 

This company has reduced the phone back to its most basic premise, of solely making calls! The only screen present is a small black and white one on the top which displays the numbers typed in. There isn’t even storage of phone numbers present on the phone!

Well that was a lie, there is a method built in for storing numbers. A very old school way of doing it…

Yes, that’s right it has its own built in notebook and hidden pen.

What I love most about this design however is the inclusive design involved within it. The buttons are large and clearly laid out for those with some form of visual impairment, as well as being slightly raised for a tactile feedback. All the settings are controlled by physical knobs and are clearly labelled to help those who have trouble with the common hi-tech options.

This is a beautifully designed phone and far outranks others that have aimed for inclusive design in terms of aesthetic quality. To top it off it has a 3 week battery life, something most modern phones couldn’t even dream of, perfect say if you’re travelling and want the phone for security.