The melting clock, something out of a Salvador Dali painting? Can design be influenced by the the surrealist painters of the past?

The design is a great interpretation of Dali’s painting ” The Persistence of Memory”. A small clock that seems to be melting off the surface it has been placed.

This design is visually stunning and can act as a great talking piece. In paper and principle this interpretation is a great idea. However if we are to believe the feedback that has been posted on several review websites then the manufacturer has let this design down on several aspects. On aspect is the materials, whilst it looks lovely and shiny in the photos, made out of metal and glass, it is in fact made from plastic which has a cheaper appearance and is not as aesthetically pleasing as the consumer believed.

The other is the products ability to not hang over an edge as advertised. Due to its weighting the clock requires a solid surface on the lower side otherwise it falls of the surface.

I think the major thing that gets me with this product is that the idea and the consumer desire for it is so high yet the product photos and manufacturing let it down. Should we as designers fight for the materials and finishes we originally set or should we let the marketing departments and budget management dictate cheaper options in favour of bigger profits. And when does a good idea become a novelty because of this?