In today’s article we discuss “Good design is unobtrusive”.

This theory relates to products which act as tools.  These a items which are designed to fit smoothly into our lives without drawing attention to themselves. They are neither ornamental or decorative. That’s not to say that the product can’t have desirable aesthetics, it just means that they should not be attention grabbing.

Products whose aim is this should have neutral factors i.e. no bright colours or elaborate forms. They should be understated and allow the user the option of self expression through the usage. For example, if we look at surround sound systems. With these the front and side speakers often have an elaborate design as they will be displayed at the front, however the subwoofer is designed, due to it’s size, to blend in with it’s surroundings and not draw attention through neutral and muted forms.

In order to create unobtrusive designs function is often played up, making it the most important feature, followed by a form that makes the product understandable. To make a product fit this seamlessly into users lifestyles is a difficult task. However, often this can be achieved by making the product function spectacularly in it’s specific area. In essence a minimalist approach to functionality and form.