These baby bottle designs are by Mimijumi, a Nashville based company which has decided to put a bit of designer flair into their new range. The bottles are available in 2 sizes, the Very Hungry Bottle (240ml) and the Not So Hungry (120ml). These are great examples an everyday products that are often overlooked in terms of redesign.

The form of the bottles allow it to be held in a ergonomic position for the user whilst maintaining a natural feeding position for baby. The inspiration for the shape can be seen below. The form replicates the breast shape, an example of applied bio-mimetic design.  There are clear markings on the side for filling aided by a large mouth to help prevent spills.

Another aspect is the materials used, the rubber for the “nipple” is textured in a skin pattern to help baby adjust between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. It’s simple additions like this that make it an effective product.

In addition to a fantastic product however Mimijumi have also brought in the talents of Dan Stiles to design the packaging. The packaging is a simple play on the milk theme, but utilises red as the main colour. This helps the product stand out since most feeding products for babies use white due to the cleanliness connotations it carries. The majority of the box appears to have a matt finish in block colour, whilst gloss patterns scroll down the sides breaking up the large blocks and creating visual interest.