The Walkman has led the way into all modern personal music player. Designed in 1979, it was the ideation of Sony co-founder Masaru Ibuka. He approach Norio Ohga, then Executive Deputy President, to design a playback-only stereo version, optimized for use with headphones. This became the first personal cassette player!

The beauty of the classic Walkman is the way it feels and functions. There’s no fancy features, it is pure function. The product has been minimised to such an extent by removing unnecessary components that it is just larger than the tape it plays. The buttons are mechanical, giving a satisfactory clunk when pressed. When the tape is released it also gives this clunk noise and feel. All in all it feels sturdy and functional, and most importantly it doesn’t feel that it has to be handled with kid gloves for fear of damage if it’s dropped. Effectively making it ideal for it’s intended purpose of being taken outdoors when moving around.