The EXO Jet ski is designed by Exo Concepts a French company. They’ve taken the basic idea behind a jet ski and morphed it into this beautiful object through good use of materials, latest technologies and form. 

To me the item is reminiscent of a killer whale. This is due to the form and colour, it looks like it belongs skimming across the water. 

They claim it’s “No Emission + No Noise + No Smoke + No Maintenance = 100% FUN”! A claim I think they can make, since I would love to have a go on it. By utilising the latest in electrical motors they have been able to no only keep the weight down but also enable the product to run silently. Through the use of carbon fibre as the main structural material not only has a nice finish been given, but also the item has been given excellent strength and endurance properties whilst continuing a low weight. This means that the items can easily be picked up and manoeuvred to the water by 2 people.