The Carmen Lamp range is designed by Hector Serrano! They are a beautifully delicate design that fits with a minimalist and contemporary decoration.

Whilst the petals may look like they are made of paper or fabric in the photos they are in fact steel which has been lacquered white. This allows light from low energy bulbs to reflect and give the glowing appearance. The pattern is quite feminine yet has quite a different starting point. In Hectors own words, “The first time that Carmen came to my mind was while watching the film “Kingdom of Heaven” directed by Ridley Scott. One of the main characters, Saladin, was wearing a beautiful armour made of a multitude of metal disks that created an intriguing and beautiful pattern that captured my imagination. The next day I drew very quickly what was the first sketch of the light. … FontanaArte loved the idea … and worked side by side on development.”