This weeks iconic design is the Coca-Cola bottle. A form that is recognised world-wide and as such has become the trademark of the company.

The brand was established in 1883, however 3 competitors used the same formula so it was imperative to distinguish themselves from the competition. The formula has changed since then and all rights were bought from the competitors to create the monopoly on the recipe. However, through good design of the bottle it stands out among the larger market of competitors that now exists. The design has become truly iconic.

Before 1915, Coca-Cola was sold in a various bottle forms by each producer. To unite the brand the bottlers set a brief for designers to create a bottle that was so distinctive it could be recognised in the dark.┬áThe bottle has gone through several iterations to get to where it is today with the cinched waist forming an hourglass shape, reminiscent of a woman’s form. A form which it even translates into its newer plastic variations.