Lets start by looking at the product. The iSlice has a good ergonomic form that allows the hand to remain in a neutral position whilst in use, it also features a retractable blade for safety. Said blade is made of ceramic which according to the manufacturers blurb lasts 20 times longer than a traditional metal blade. I feel that this can be somewhat misleading because whilst the technology of ceramics is constantly improving they are still very susceptible to impact damage and shatter quite easily. This in my opinion makes it weaker than a standard metal blade.

For me the styling is very Dyson-esque, featuring the grey ridged plastic with a feature of a bright colour. And looked at from the side it even conforms to a shape similar to the non upright vacuums.

Ok rant time, this is purely about the naming of the product, not the product itself. I am fed up of everything being being released as iSomething. It seems they are all trying to cash in upon the iPods success by attributing themselves to them. What most people don’t realise though is that the i stood for Ive as in Jonathan Ive the designer of the iPod. Since he has had no contribution to these designs they probably shouldn’t include them. I often wonder if it’s laziness on the part of the designer to come up with a catchy name or lack of knowledge in the marketing departments!