The Spacester is a custom built motorcycle by French company VTM.

It is built around Harley Davidson Sportster engine! Unlike most custom and commercial pieces this design isn’t done on CAD, the entire shell for the bike was designed and crafted by hand.

There is some scepticism online regarding the functionality of the bike and since I have very little knowledge on the subject I can’t add my own input. However, the consensus is that the design is form over function in that since the back wheel doesn’t feature any shock absorption the bike will “bob” making it hard to ride. On top of that the exhaust expels the air right where the riders foot is located making for an uncomfortable ride.

From an aesthetics point the bike has achieved the futuristic appearance they were after. You could easily see something in a film like Minority Report. The smooth flowing form is representative of a minimalist design, however from an automotive design point they lack and surface tension and don’t give the impression of speed.