Sometimes a piece if design can become a sculptural element in it’s own. Such an example of this is the Kosha Chair by Claudio D’amore

The chair itself is designed as a reading space. The high walls create a sense of solitary that so many like whilst reading, almost a feeling of shutting oneself away surround by their favourite books. One thing that gets me however is that the design is quite imposing and wouldn’t fit within most settings. There’s also the everyday usage of it, since whilst this provides a space to go and read that is it’s only purpose! Within everyday context this would almost act as an antisocial chair and shunned by those who want to spend time socialising.

The chair is however beautifully constructed and finished. Made from 33 hand made strips of walnut and birch it is an example of true craftsmanship and of the sorts of finish we all hope to achieve in our own designs.