Well I guess the season is upon us! Just a quick post today, as I wanted to share this beautiful wrapping paper I came across. Designed by Alicia Waters and printed by Drew Binkley of Monkey Ink Design, I is a good example of simple 1 colour printing for maximum effect. I love how the printing looks hand done with little discrepancies in places and areas where ink hasn’t taken. I think I adds to the charm of the piece! The whole thing looks very rustic and doesn’t rely upon the reflective or brightly coloured designs that most wrapping paper favours nowadays. 

I’ve been wrapping my presents in brown parcel paper for a while now and using decorative bows and ribbon to bring life to them, since not only is the paper thicker and less prone to tearing before the present is opened, it also acts as a understated background for a few highlighting aspects. A feature which is undertaken in this design.

Click for larger images to see the lovely details.