The Juicy Salif was designed in 1990 by Philippe Starck. It is generally considered an icon of industrial design. Whilst the majority are manufactured in cast aluminium there are a few made in more luxurious materials such as gold plating and a rare anthracite coloured version.

For me the Juicy Salif is an example of form over function. The product is notorious in it’s ability to not perform the task it was designed for. From personal and anecdotal experiences the lemon juice runs down the legs and not to the point at the centre like it’s meant to. The designer here has come back with that the product is “not meant to squeeze lemons” but “to start conversations”. I feel this is a somewhat cop out since if you are going to sell something as a lemon squeezer it should perform its job. However, if it was sold as a sculptural piece it would be fine. Regardless of this the Juicy Salif has earned a place in MoMA and can be seen in many contemporary houses nowadays.