This fantastically minimalistic bottle design is by Kaleidoscope for Mexican tequila brand Canteen.

The finishing on the bottle is very good, utilising metal bands and a metal lid. By reducing the number of materials and using simplistic typography they have created a packaging design that is attractive and classy by being understated. The different coloured metals allow quick and easy distinction between the varieties with the silver, bronze and gold finishes.

As they say “Kaleidoscope seizes the opportunity to redefine tequila through strategy and design.  We transcend cliché visual elements and leverage luxury with inspiration from nightclub-culture denizens to create a disruptive, retro-cool package design with a uniquely urban attitude and swagger. The co-mingling of metal and glass, unconventional shape, love-to-feel-it closure delivers a wholly new experience to enjoy and be seen with. Embracing urban luxury, without the haughty attitude adopted by its competitors, Canteen achieved its mandate – giving high-end urban bars and nightclubs a delicious new alternative.”