Usually 2D Tuesday gathers together 5 pieces of my favourite 2D work that I’ve come across over the past week to help inspire! However this weeks edition is making up for a few weeks of non-posting, therefore today there will be 12, that’s right 12, inspirational pieces of 2D art. This weeks artists are: Alex Mathers, David Delin, Luiza Kwiatkowska, Matthew Benkert, Roberto Ortiz, JrDragao, Chris Silver, Robert Richter, Mads Berg, Like Minded Studio, Tony Ganem and Kerong. 

Volcanic Secret by Alex Mathers

Organic Skull by David Delin

Octopus Lovers by Luiza Kwiatkowska

Stereoscopy by Matthew Benkert

Remind Origins by Roberto Ortiz

Consuelo by JrDragao

Sick and Tired by Chris Silver

Oldschool by Robert Richter

World Scene by Mads Berg

Way of the David by Like Minded Studio

Illustrations by Tony Ganem

Suicide Bomber Ink Wash by Kerong