In my opinion alcohol can have some of the best packaging design. This piece is designed by Stig Bratvold as a student piece. I can’t find out if it’s for a real product so most likely it’s a conceptual piece.

The mix of vintage typography and dark glass bottle add a feel of nostalgia to the design and a touch of mystery. Almost as if it’s from an old potion masters stores. Since absinthe was originally sold as a medicinal elixir it is a very fitting design.

The form of the bottle is also very simplistic. This helps accentuate the intricate typography and makes it shine.

If we look at the box the sense of high-class is carried through. The bottle is held firmly in a rustic coloured box, however the outer coating is textured adding a tactile response similar to burlap sacks, another throw back to the bygone eras. The inside is a different story as it’s printed in an intricate lace-like pattern. This creates contrast within the outer packaging, mimicking the namesake.