In this lesson we will look over a more commonly used perspective technique, 2 point perspective.

With 2 point perspective as you’d guess we use 2 vanishing points instead of the one we used previously. Both vanishing points are located along the horizon, although the horizon can be placed at an angle to create a more dramatic and artistic affect. Whereas last time only the side edges converged to a point in this method all horizontal edges converge to the points. The points don’t need to be on the page as shown below, in fact if the points were on the page the angles of the object would be very harsh and exaggerated.


Below is an example of this in the real world. As you can see all vertical lines still remain parallel.



Define two vanishing points and faintly draw a line between them – this is the horizon line. Then draw one side/edge of the form. Draw faint lines from the ends of the edge of the form to the vanishing points. Draw two more edges of the form so that two sides of the shape can be clearly seen.  Draw faint guidelines from the ends of these lines to either vanishing point. Finally define the final form.


With these methods it is possible to draw any form in 2 point perspective.