This is the final lesson on perspective in this series. Today we have a look at 3 point perspective.

3 point perspective as the name suggest utilises 3 vanishing points. The 2 standard ones are on the horizon as before but the 3rd can be either above or below the horizon.

This method is more realistic and is the most commonly seen in real life.

I won’t repeat the same steps as before since that would be boring, but basically the 3 vp is placed where you want to be looking so if you are above the object put it under the horizon and vice versa is you’re looking up at it. If you’re using realistic proportions in an image then most small items will have very negligible convergence (in most cases it is ok to just use 2 point)

By using this method you can create some dramatic sketches as shown below in a sketch by  Trevor Sutherland