Line weight can help bring sketches to life and it is a very easy thing to implement within your drawings.

Lets define line weight firstly: Lineweight is a term that describes the relative ‘weight’ – strength, heaviness, or darkness – of the line against the background or support.

Within design drawing line weight is an important factor as it help define volume and make sketches easier to understand.

As shown above I typically use only a couple of line weights in a sketch, with more complex forms getting a larger range. The lines are typically used for:

Very fine – The edges that are fully visible and facing the viewer.

Fine – Same as above but used for edges closer to the viewer if the objects complex.

Medium – Used for edges that aren’t quite facing the viewer and at the same time also not facing away.

Thick – Used for edges that face away from the viewer.

Extra thick – Typically used for going around the edges of the object to pull it off the page.


Below are 2 examples of the same form, the first has no line weight applied and as can be seen it is very flat and dull, the second however uses 4 weights and this has helped define the volume of the object and make it stand out.