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This is a notice to any of my followers, this blog has now moved to a new home at

A bunch of the old posts will be transferred there along with many new ones


Just to let everyone know there may be some downtime on the blog as I’m going to try relocating it to my own hosting as I’ve only just discovered that adverts are being plastered all over my posts which doesn’t sit well with me. So hopefully, over this weekend I shall sort it all out.

Sorry people, no post for “intro to design drawing” today as I’m currently posting from my phone. Getting a new internet set up on Wednesday though so everything should be back to normal then, and to make up for it there will be a double posting of tutorials next Sunday!


Today’s posts a little different from our usual ones. Today I’m asking you to pledge some money, however small the amount, to my girlfriends sister who is running the London Marathon on the 22nd April. Her chosen charity isĀ Children with Cancer UK. You can donate through the Virgin money giving webpage.


Firstly let me apologise for the lack of post recently, I’ve been busy with updating my website and some test designs for some positions in companies.

Well now the website is finished you can expect more frequent posts.