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No posts this week as I’m away on holiday. But I’ll be back the following week with some exciting new articles!


Lets start by looking at the product. The iSlice has a good ergonomic form that allows the hand to remain in a neutral position whilst in use, it also features a retractable blade for safety. Said blade is made of ceramic which according to the manufacturers blurb lasts 20 times longer than a traditional metal blade. I feel that this can be somewhat misleading because whilst the technology of ceramics is constantly improving they are still very susceptible to impact damage and shatter quite easily. This in my opinion makes it weaker than a standard metal blade.

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That’s right it’s design legend Sir Terence Conrans 80th Birthday today. He’s the great man who brought us Habitat and has branched into many fields of design. In 2003 he received the Prince Phillip Designers Prize, in recognition of his lifetime achievements in design; a well deserved award since so many things he has put his mind to have integrated themselves unknowingly into our lives.

I started this blog as a way of not only showing off my own work but also as a way of showcasing projects and products that I find inspiring, exceptional or in need of critiquing. My aim is to update once a day with something of interest, a challenge I know!

Please feel free to comment with your insights and even suggest designs which you feel are interesting!