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Line weight can help bring sketches to life and it is a very easy thing to implement within your drawings. Read the rest of this entry »

This is the final lesson on perspective in this series. Today we have a look at 3 point perspective.

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In this lesson we will look over a more commonly used perspective technique, 2 point perspective.

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In this lesson we will start with the basics of perspective with the 1 point method.

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In our first lesson we are going to cover the equipment found in most designers’ drawing kits. They basically cover everything you’ll need for the tutorials here. But don’t worry if you don’t have the exact things part of being a designer is adapting to circumstances as needed.

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Over the next 14 weeks I will be posting a beginners guide to design drawing. I intend to include comprehensive images, gifs and possibly videos to help illustrate the lessons. Hopefully you’ll be able to gain something useful from them. Feel free to comment and post your attempts in the comments of each lesson and I will try to provide feedback and advice.

16/09/12 – 1. Tools of the trade

23/09/12 – 2. Perspective: basics

30/09/12 – 3. Perspective: intermediate

07/10/12 – 4. Perspective: advanced

14/10/12 – 5. Line weight

TBC – 6. Light and shadow

TBC – 7. Marker rendering

TBC – 8. Using chalk pastels

TBC – 9. Representing materials 1

TBC – 10. Representing materials 2

TBC – 11. Textures

TBC – 12. Simple surfaces

TBC – 13. Complex surfaces

TBC – 14. Bringing all the techniques together

Sorry about the lack of posts recently, I’ve been away then have been working on redoing my showreel and learning some coding to help create a new website sometime. Read the rest of this entry »

The Monster Skin Rug is designed and produced by Longoland (Joshua Ben Longo). They are a fun take on the traditional and controversial animal skin rugs.

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Our final topic in this series is “Good Design is as little design as possible”.

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